Sunday, December 25, 2011

LocknLock : Steamboat Christmas Dinner!

I have actually some GREAT new IDEAS for our Christmas Dinner but becayse it will be very cold on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day itself, Hub thought why don't we have Steamboat! I was like "GREAT, that is so much simpler to prepare!" 

My initial idea was to prepare some Italian American food; Braciole with Mash potatoes and greens! 
So ...

First JOB of preparing a 'Healthy' and Sumptious Steamboat is to prepare Homemade Broth/Stock. Well if you are lazy; ready-made, store-bought, MSG-loaded Steamboat boullion cubes are  readily available!

I boiled the Pork Bones for 2 hours ...
Look at how thick and creamy the soup based is!
Sliced and marinate the raw meat; Pork, Pork Kidney, Fish.
The reddish bloody meat is PIG KIDNEY!
I kept the leftovers uncut meat into my Lock&Lock Dualock's containers.
I love these Lock&Lock Containers that has divider in them.
THEY really HELP in serving up the individual raw meat and because it is divided, it won't contaminate the others. If we cannot finish in one seating, I just have to lock it up and keep it in the fridge till next meal.
I have another Lock & Lock Container that can divide up to SIX individual container inside.
But if you removed a plastic divider, it become 3 large divided Container.
And 'fake' Abalone is my favorite!
We must have some greens too!
My mom would be so proud of ME!
Quick and NEAT ~
With these Lock & Lock Food Containers with Dividers, I have less dishes to wash ...

My mother would be so PROUD and JEALOUS of the my Lock & Lock Collection in my HOME!


  1. I love steamboat! Going to cook this for dinner tmr w my new gas burner :)

  2. @ALice
    Ya we love steamboat too, easy to prepare but a pity there is only 2 of us so we get less variety!! It took me so long to decide to get this electrical steamboat but I guess we breakeven already kekeke ~ I think it is even cheaper now, maybe you can consider getting a electrical one!! CNY coming soon sure to be another round of STEAMBOAT hahaha ~

  3. What brand is yr cooker? Bought online?

    I love steamboat for the leftovers too! Can hv round 2 for lunch the next day :)

  4. I bought it from

    I think got a period the price was dropped to about US30.00 but now is US38.00, when I bought it last year is US48!! And already is one of the cheapest liao, I bet now should be able to find a lower price steamboat!!



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