Saturday, December 24, 2011

LocknLock : Merry X'mas, Black Forest Cake with a CUP of warm Chocolate!

Today is Christmas's eve, I wish everyone health, love and happiness this Holiday Season and for many many years to COME!

This year, I decide to do my own Christmas cake. I was supposed to bake a typical 'Japanese' Christmas cake but my Hub prefer a 'Black Forest Cake'. So I did alot of research and end up with a mess! Hahaha, I didn't know it was so difficult to decorate a cake with whipped cream! I must be using the wrong kind of cream. It was stated to use 'Non-dairy' but it was not as easy to find non-dairy cream here. But I will look harder for my next cake!!

And it was so long since I bake, I forget to add sugar to my Egg whites which is 90gm as stated in the recipe, dangz! First mistake, but end up the bitter chocolatey taste actually matches the sweetness of the 'Black Cherry Jam'! 2nd mistake is the 'Whipped cream', did I underbeat the cream or Dairy whipped cream is just not stiff enough for decoration?? Hmmm ...

Anyway my mess of a yummy 'Black Forest Cake' with Black Cherry JAM!

Today is a cold day and you will definitely need this Lock&Lock Hello Bebe Stainless Steel Soup Mug on a cold day for some hot drink/soup or porridge!

Lock&Lock Hello Bebe Stainless Steel , double insulation keeps the food/drink in the mug warm as long as possible and also the plastic exterior keeps the surface cool to touch so it doesn't hurt yourself or your kiddos! And definitely a plus for klutz like me! I cannot count the times I am clumsily burnt by hot water mug!
Hot chocolate makes my day on a COLD COLD morning.
The Hot chocolate is burning hot but the surface of the cup is cool to touch!
Check out the "Hello Bebe" series at

Don't forget to SMILE and do some good deeds this year ...

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