Friday, December 23, 2011

LocknLock : Happy Winter Solistice!!

Inspiration and adapted from Maangi Sweet red bean soup (danpatjuk) but I added more water and I am too lazy to use a processor to grind the red beans to mushy slush; Korean + Asian style! And everything is prepared using Lock&Lock Cookplus Speedcook 7.1-In Casserole Pot.

Soak red beans for at least 4 hours or the best overnight.
Boil for for first 10minutes and lower heat to medium high for next 50minutes or until beans are soft.
Drain the beans and mash them, set aside. 
(It will be so much better using processor but it is late and I am lazy.)

Wash up the pot, and cook another pot of sweet syrup. I added sliced Ginger, Pandan leaves and rock sugar.
When the water boil add in the store bought Sweet Dumpling (汤圆). I bought 2 variety this year; Sesame and Peanut.
When the dumplings starts to float lower fire and add in the mashed red beans. I removed the ginger at this stage, Hubs hate the gingery taste.
Yummmm for a COLD cold night!
Used "Lock & Lock Hello Bebe", mug to serve.
The larger Stainless steel mug for Hubbie and the smaller Stainless steel bowl with handle for myself.


I have another 8 dumpling in the freezer, hope I can finish them soon!

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