Friday, December 30, 2011

LocknLock : Cookplus Vitamin Wok Fermented Squid Fried rice!

Remember the Fermented Kimchi Squid I tried out, one month ago? 

It was a MAJOR FLOP! 
The whole thing was TOO SALTY, it was unpalatable! The reason I guess, I had used 'Sea Salt' instead of the normal Table Salt or Kosher Salt recommended!! I almost wanted to threw everything out but Hubs stops me and gave me the idea of using it to fried rice, like how I would using 'Salted Dried Fish'! Hmmmm not bad an idea right? At least these 'expensive' squid won't go to waste. I tried it a few times and finally gotten the taste that both of us can accept, and it actually tasted GOOD! My husband LOVES it. 

So should I do this 'FAILED Fermented Squid to keep in fridge for fried rice or I should do another 'Proper' batch? Hmmmm ...

Ingredient : minced garlic, minced onion, few tbsp of fermented sea-salt squid, sliced prawns, sliced imitation crabmeat, coleslaw veggies and 3 eggs. 
My failed attempt of the leftover squid!
The new Lock&Lock Cookplus Vitamin Wok is my to-go wok recently. I have use it almost EVERYDAY! And the base of the wok hasn't warp and the wok still look as good as new!

First step for stir fry; add the oil and follow by the minced garlic.
Continue by the minced onion, sliced prawns and sliced crabmeats.
Follow by the squid, and then, fish sauce, rice wine, broth and rice.
After mixing the rice with all the ingredient and sauce, add in the veggies.
Veggies can be added in the last step as well.
Lastly EGGS!
Fried till the eggs has coated the rice and cooked till abit charred on the bottom (my favourite) and it will taste almost like bibimbap, hahahaha!

Lastly, dished up using my Lock&Lock Silby Ceramic plate container!
Simple but yummy and addictive!

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