Thursday, December 1, 2011

LocknLock - Cookplus Speedcook 7.1-In Casserole Pot

I was not included into the November Locknlock's supporter program but I did get some stuffs during the Pre-Blackfriday Sales and one of main item that I wanted to try was the Speedcook series! SPEEDCOOK = less cooking time = MORE time to do other stuffs, especially useful for late night supper and lazy days!

And I was comparing between the Lock&Lock Cookplus Speedcook 6.3-In Sauce Pan and Lock&Lock Cookplus Speedcook 7.1-In Casserole Pot.
And decide on the bigger pot which might be more useful or myself. I think Locknlock supporter has gotten the smaller pot showing on the left picture.

Let's begin our 'experiment' ...

First impression of 'The pot', it is EXTREMELY light, which means I be using it more frequently because I hate washing heavy pots/pans! I can imagine using this pot to boil water frequently to prepare Hub's Lunchbox especially to boil Broccoli and Carrot for Hub's daily Vegetable intake!

I love the stylish design of the YELLOW bright silicon covered handle!!
It looks just like a rice cooker, hehehe!
And the circumference of the pot is just nice for a piece of instant noodle. You cannot imagine the number of times when I have to break my noodles into 2 part because the pot circumference was too small! And this is JUST NICE for a piece of instant noodle!
The pot was deep enough and so water didn't boil over.
And the pot has a pout which helps in removing the water, just retaining the noodle inside.
See how light the pot is, I can hold the pot and cover, just by myself holding everything by MYSELF!
 Our Instant 'Zhajiangmien'~
  • I love the lightweight.
  • The convenience of the pout to remove water from the pot.
  • Material was extremely thin which explain the lightweight but I wonder about its durability.
  • But I foresee myself it ALOT because of the weight, hopefully they are as durable as it is stated.
  • Recommended for "lazy days" (We have ALOT of lazy days) because Speedcook pot cook water fast and because of the lightweight washing is hassle free.
  • Speedcook pot is especially useful for ramen supper when the pot can be used as the bowl as well!!

Anyway a GOod news for the holiday for Locknlock's customer, they are having a Locknlock Holiday Giveaway giving out free gifts DAILY till Christmas EVE!! Hurry up, a random winner will be selected everyday and the gifts looks GOOD!

Hurry UP!


  1. Wow, you've received your Pre-Blk Fri buys. I have not received mine. Probably getting them next week. Looking forward!

  2. @alicew
    I think their CS very cockup this time round! The shipping is super duper delay and one of my item is missing too. Email them but no reply, haiz ...



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