Monday, December 5, 2011

Hamilton Beach Homebaker 2 lb. Breadmaker

Another appliance that I 'bio' like for 2 years, hahaha but it was never on discount if not it was sold out by the time I saw it and FINALLY ...

US$32.00+ (Including tax) sold at Sears, I think the next cheapest available will be in Walmart selling @ US$44.00!!
Wooooot ~

So happy happy, one of my secret indulgences is BREAD.
Seriously when Breadtalk usually have their SG$1 bread discount, I can buy 10 breads at one go and just have bread the WHOLE DAY and next few days! So crazy right ...

No more HAND kneading!!!

Now I am just waiting for Hub to go back to work, so that I can resume all my JUNK HOBBY!!
He is such a hindrance at home who makes me feel so lost, don't know what to do at home everyday and we sleep in until 12pm EVERYDAY!

X'mas wish, "Please send my Hubby to WORK!"

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