Sunday, December 4, 2011

Deni Electronic Food Steamer

I have been eyeing on a Electronic Steamer like forever but didn't have the heart to get one because my mom doesn't use one and I don't know what is the Pros and Cons of having one. But this year when I went back home, my mother-in-law has one and has high praises for them. She says steaming beats microwaving especially useful for heating up leftover food which microwaving usually dries them up. We always try to eat healthier and try to steam as much as I can especially when Hubs health goes into 'heaty' mode and at that mode, I will usually either eat more soupy stuffs, if not I try to have more steamed food. Now with this new appliance, hopefully it will make life easier for me!

Erm so far this model is the best value for $$$ @USD26.00+ (include shipping).

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