Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 is OVER!?

2011 is a slow, bland and very 'peaceful' year for me.
Not much ups and downs, even my usual 'Vacations' was reduced to ONE Taiwan in October!
I wished too much for normalcy in life and the wish was like SO GRANTED in 2011.

But of course we had a good reason for the slower pace which will be reveal in 2013!
A big secret but all will be reveal soon, soon ...

Our life basically revolved around TOto our 宝贝!

We either stayed home or were at the dog park most of the time.
We didn't even do much travelling in USA, wth ~
And I spent my year really COOKING and BAKING my way through 2011.
My cooking and baking skills really IMPROVE alot, I surprised myself.

Which explains my ever expanding WAISTLINE!

In 2011, I didn't have the chance to work out as much as previous years too, it was basically a LAZY 2011 year of eating and staying HOME! In August, Hubbie requested me to help him prepare lunch and I started my 'Buncto' project too, it was fun when they lasted. Hopefully I get to continue that project in 2012, SOON ...

I become a Lock&Lock supporter in 2011 and recieved lots of gift from Lock&Lock for review. Lock&Lock's program 'forced' me to buck up and think of new dishes and idea to write up!! I guess ulitmately the person who gain MOST is Hub!! He saves alot of $$$ when I recieved these gifts and he has alot of new food to try!!! Haha, so Hub should be very thankful of Lock&Lock! 
I was ultimately invited to visit Lock&Lock office and showroom, gasp so excited!

My NEXT BIG THING would be my annual medical report and I was cleared in June 2011, and I am thankful for the bestowed health by whatever power that is out there! I am real thankful for every year that I live!!

Hopefully, I can continue to sustained my 'healthy' body and continue keep my mind sane in 2012 ...

And while back in Singapore, I conducted a 'informal' class on how to make "Donut and Hotdog Bun"! It was such a successful and FUN event! Of course if possible maybe we should make that a ANNUAL affair, I enjoyed conducting and having fun with my gal-friends and of course all the men and kiddos enjoy the end products very much ...

In October, I had a miserable trip to Taiwan because most of the time I am in PAIN and was taking painkillers like I am having m&m! But I still enjoyed the trip but didn't eat as much as I wanted to because of the toothache! SO I really need to go back to TAIWAN again!

The October trip back to Singapore we booked a Yatching trip via a online promotion, it was my first time and we invited my Kakis and I LOVE every moment of it!

DOWNER for the year 2011;
Dental this year was like almost $1,000.00!!
Hopefully my teeth performs better in year 2012 ...

For 2012, I wish I can take time to learn Crocheting doing Amigurumi or maybe just a small throw?
And, continue trying out more varieties of Cakes and venture into more different Nationalities of Cooking!!
Haha I love to learn Cajun and Mexican food too!

Most importantly I wishes to keep myself healthy so that I can take care of my 2+1 family!
All the best, hugs and kisses to my friends and families in 2012, who are reading my blog ...

OH' resolution for the year 2012, is the same as like past 30 years; LOSE MORE WEIGHT!

I hate crossing the year FAT but it always HAPPEN!!
Sxxxk it up you TUMMY, I am so going to get rid of you in 2012 ~

Welcome 2012!!

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