Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 is OVER!?

2011 is a slow, bland and very 'peaceful' year for me.
Not much ups and downs, even my usual 'Vacations' was reduced to ONE Taiwan in October!
I wished too much for normalcy in life and the wish was like SO GRANTED in 2011.

But of course we had a good reason for the slower pace which will be reveal in 2013!
A big secret but all will be reveal soon, soon ...

Our life basically revolved around TOto our 宝贝!

We either stayed home or were at the dog park most of the time.
We didn't even do much travelling in USA, wth ~
And I spent my year really COOKING and BAKING my way through 2011.
My cooking and baking skills really IMPROVE alot, I surprised myself.

Which explains my ever expanding WAISTLINE!

In 2011, I didn't have the chance to work out as much as previous years too, it was basically a LAZY 2011 year of eating and staying HOME! In August, Hubbie requested me to help him prepare lunch and I started my 'Buncto' project too, it was fun when they lasted. Hopefully I get to continue that project in 2012, SOON ...

I become a Lock&Lock supporter in 2011 and recieved lots of gift from Lock&Lock for review. Lock&Lock's program 'forced' me to buck up and think of new dishes and idea to write up!! I guess ulitmately the person who gain MOST is Hub!! He saves alot of $$$ when I recieved these gifts and he has alot of new food to try!!! Haha, so Hub should be very thankful of Lock&Lock! 
I was ultimately invited to visit Lock&Lock office and showroom, gasp so excited!

My NEXT BIG THING would be my annual medical report and I was cleared in June 2011, and I am thankful for the bestowed health by whatever power that is out there! I am real thankful for every year that I live!!

Hopefully, I can continue to sustained my 'healthy' body and continue keep my mind sane in 2012 ...

And while back in Singapore, I conducted a 'informal' class on how to make "Donut and Hotdog Bun"! It was such a successful and FUN event! Of course if possible maybe we should make that a ANNUAL affair, I enjoyed conducting and having fun with my gal-friends and of course all the men and kiddos enjoy the end products very much ...

In October, I had a miserable trip to Taiwan because most of the time I am in PAIN and was taking painkillers like I am having m&m! But I still enjoyed the trip but didn't eat as much as I wanted to because of the toothache! SO I really need to go back to TAIWAN again!

The October trip back to Singapore we booked a Yatching trip via a online promotion, it was my first time and we invited my Kakis and I LOVE every moment of it!

DOWNER for the year 2011;
Dental this year was like almost $1,000.00!!
Hopefully my teeth performs better in year 2012 ...

For 2012, I wish I can take time to learn Crocheting doing Amigurumi or maybe just a small throw?
And, continue trying out more varieties of Cakes and venture into more different Nationalities of Cooking!!
Haha I love to learn Cajun and Mexican food too!

Most importantly I wishes to keep myself healthy so that I can take care of my 2+1 family!
All the best, hugs and kisses to my friends and families in 2012, who are reading my blog ...

OH' resolution for the year 2012, is the same as like past 30 years; LOSE MORE WEIGHT!

I hate crossing the year FAT but it always HAPPEN!!
Sxxxk it up you TUMMY, I am so going to get rid of you in 2012 ~

Welcome 2012!!

LocknLock : Cookplus Vitamin Wok, My Usual Pan Fried Dumplings!

Finally prepared some dumplings to try pan-frying & steaming on the new Lock&Lock Cookplus Vitamin Wok!
And the wok works as expected, heats up easily and pan fried evenly!
It was a breeze cleaning up the charred all thanks to its non-stick surface ...
The only downside; no cover! 

But the PRO definitely outweigh the Con, highly recommended wok for small family for your everyday stir-fry!
Our Simple dinner.

Friday, December 30, 2011

LocknLock : Cookplus Vitamin Wok Fermented Squid Fried rice!

Remember the Fermented Kimchi Squid I tried out, one month ago? 

It was a MAJOR FLOP! 
The whole thing was TOO SALTY, it was unpalatable! The reason I guess, I had used 'Sea Salt' instead of the normal Table Salt or Kosher Salt recommended!! I almost wanted to threw everything out but Hubs stops me and gave me the idea of using it to fried rice, like how I would using 'Salted Dried Fish'! Hmmmm not bad an idea right? At least these 'expensive' squid won't go to waste. I tried it a few times and finally gotten the taste that both of us can accept, and it actually tasted GOOD! My husband LOVES it. 

So should I do this 'FAILED Fermented Squid to keep in fridge for fried rice or I should do another 'Proper' batch? Hmmmm ...

Ingredient : minced garlic, minced onion, few tbsp of fermented sea-salt squid, sliced prawns, sliced imitation crabmeat, coleslaw veggies and 3 eggs. 
My failed attempt of the leftover squid!
The new Lock&Lock Cookplus Vitamin Wok is my to-go wok recently. I have use it almost EVERYDAY! And the base of the wok hasn't warp and the wok still look as good as new!

First step for stir fry; add the oil and follow by the minced garlic.
Continue by the minced onion, sliced prawns and sliced crabmeats.
Follow by the squid, and then, fish sauce, rice wine, broth and rice.
After mixing the rice with all the ingredient and sauce, add in the veggies.
Veggies can be added in the last step as well.
Lastly EGGS!
Fried till the eggs has coated the rice and cooked till abit charred on the bottom (my favourite) and it will taste almost like bibimbap, hahahaha!

Lastly, dished up using my Lock&Lock Silby Ceramic plate container!
Simple but yummy and addictive!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

LocknLock : Try again, Black Forest Cake 2!

1st Step : Preparation of all ingredient.
Can you spot which items are from!
The mixing bowls I bought from 'Happy Hour Special' has been put to good use, there is even a spatula but not shown in the picture. I also got some little help from 'Hello Bebe' too, to measure out the sugar and flour!

My Sponge cake was sort of perfect, maybe perfect in my eye ONLY, hahaha! 
My standard is not too high!
I used the recipe from 'My Sweet Hut', her sponge cake is very flat but she never reveal her 'secret'. Maybe she did and I didn't read it. But well, I try harder then ...

Ingredients (8” round )
- 4 egg Yolks
- 35g caster sugar
- 2 tbsp milk
- ¼ cup Oil (or melted butter)
- ½ tsp Vanilla Essence
- 70g Cake/ Top Flour } sifted
- 10g cocoa powder }
- ½ tsp Baking power }
- 4 egg whites
- 90g castor sugar 30gm Castor sugar

My whipping cream is still a mess!
I read ALOT online, it mentioned that the butterfat content has to be high like 36%-40% but the usual sold in grocery are just 30%. And I still cannot get Non-Dairy Whipping cream! I just want to finish all the cherries and blueberry jam so I lump everything together, hahaha ...
Well this should be the last cake till 2012!
Nevertheless it still taste YUMMY ...

I be moving first week of January so expect ALOT of baking/cooking in the new kitchen!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

LocknLock : Boroseal COLOUR!

The Boroseal  Series is coming out with COLOUR LIDS; New Boroseal Colour!
I love the MINT colour, it matches my future home theme; Greece-Mediterranean Style! 
And Yellow can really perk up the kitchen!

And Lock& is having a Special Promotion till year end 31st December 2011.
Selling a set of 6pcs/3containers for US$18.90 instead of the usual US$36.45, almost 50% discount!

Pssst, the usual  almost same and lookalike; Lock&Lock BOROSEAL II, Borosilicate Glass Rectangular (6-Piece Set/3-Containers) is selling for US$34.09! 

This promotion is indeed a GOOD CATCH! Catch them while you can, they definitely can be put to good use. These Boroseal glass containers, although heavy, but they can be used in the Fridge, Microwave, Oven, Marinating, and Serving! A REAL Multipurpose item, and a must-have in the kitchen and only for the price of US$18.90.

If you purchase the 55% discounted giftcards recently, the set becomes US$10.95(GASPSSS) and with a further $5.00 credit given by for the delay during the Holidays. These set will be US$5.95 (excluding shipping)!! I hope my calculation are right!

DOUBLE GASP GASP, can't breath!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LocknLock : Happy Hour 3-5pm! (Dec 27-30)

Guess what I spotted a CAKE STORAGE BOX on Happy Hour!
Since I started baking again, maybe I should really get myself a cake storage box!
It will be so easy to store the cakes and so nice to transport the cake to somewhere if need to!
Hope and praying hard it will be real CHEAP!

Don't forget to set your alarm to check out their prices!

Monday, December 26, 2011

LocknLock : OUR Favorite Chips in USA

This is our favorite chips in USA, sold in Walmart for US$0.98 each, CHEAP!
UNHEALTHY but we love it ...
Hub was asking for a container to keep our half eaten chips and this was the first one I find and it fitted just right. The "3Litre Fridge door jug" will fit most bag of Potato Chips.

You might want to consider getting a "Fridge-door Jug" from for its multipurpose use! I think it is useful to contain Cereal with this type of containers too!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

LocknLock : Steamboat Christmas Dinner!

I have actually some GREAT new IDEAS for our Christmas Dinner but becayse it will be very cold on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day itself, Hub thought why don't we have Steamboat! I was like "GREAT, that is so much simpler to prepare!" 

My initial idea was to prepare some Italian American food; Braciole with Mash potatoes and greens! 
So ...

First JOB of preparing a 'Healthy' and Sumptious Steamboat is to prepare Homemade Broth/Stock. Well if you are lazy; ready-made, store-bought, MSG-loaded Steamboat boullion cubes are  readily available!

I boiled the Pork Bones for 2 hours ...
Look at how thick and creamy the soup based is!
Sliced and marinate the raw meat; Pork, Pork Kidney, Fish.
The reddish bloody meat is PIG KIDNEY!
I kept the leftovers uncut meat into my Lock&Lock Dualock's containers.
I love these Lock&Lock Containers that has divider in them.
THEY really HELP in serving up the individual raw meat and because it is divided, it won't contaminate the others. If we cannot finish in one seating, I just have to lock it up and keep it in the fridge till next meal.
I have another Lock & Lock Container that can divide up to SIX individual container inside.
But if you removed a plastic divider, it become 3 large divided Container.
And 'fake' Abalone is my favorite!
We must have some greens too!
My mom would be so proud of ME!
Quick and NEAT ~
With these Lock & Lock Food Containers with Dividers, I have less dishes to wash ...

My mother would be so PROUD and JEALOUS of the my Lock & Lock Collection in my HOME!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

LocknLock : Merry X'mas, Black Forest Cake with a CUP of warm Chocolate!

Today is Christmas's eve, I wish everyone health, love and happiness this Holiday Season and for many many years to COME!

This year, I decide to do my own Christmas cake. I was supposed to bake a typical 'Japanese' Christmas cake but my Hub prefer a 'Black Forest Cake'. So I did alot of research and end up with a mess! Hahaha, I didn't know it was so difficult to decorate a cake with whipped cream! I must be using the wrong kind of cream. It was stated to use 'Non-dairy' but it was not as easy to find non-dairy cream here. But I will look harder for my next cake!!

And it was so long since I bake, I forget to add sugar to my Egg whites which is 90gm as stated in the recipe, dangz! First mistake, but end up the bitter chocolatey taste actually matches the sweetness of the 'Black Cherry Jam'! 2nd mistake is the 'Whipped cream', did I underbeat the cream or Dairy whipped cream is just not stiff enough for decoration?? Hmmm ...

Anyway my mess of a yummy 'Black Forest Cake' with Black Cherry JAM!

Today is a cold day and you will definitely need this Lock&Lock Hello Bebe Stainless Steel Soup Mug on a cold day for some hot drink/soup or porridge!

Lock&Lock Hello Bebe Stainless Steel , double insulation keeps the food/drink in the mug warm as long as possible and also the plastic exterior keeps the surface cool to touch so it doesn't hurt yourself or your kiddos! And definitely a plus for klutz like me! I cannot count the times I am clumsily burnt by hot water mug!
Hot chocolate makes my day on a COLD COLD morning.
The Hot chocolate is burning hot but the surface of the cup is cool to touch!
Check out the "Hello Bebe" series at

Don't forget to SMILE and do some good deeds this year ...


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