Friday, November 25, 2011

Some of my BFS 2011 BUYS!

Our first BF buy was actually CROCS! 
So funny right?
Hub is already aiming for these shoes when he came back but read online that CROCS will be having a BOGO sales so he waited and true enough, CROCS has BOGO!

Then Hub decide to reward me with a Karaoke SET!
WOoooOOoo like FINALLY I am getting a Karaoke set, and with 20% discount how can Hub resist right? Erm not cheap but SO HAPPY!

And we actually went down and queue up 3 hours for the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle at Walmart and gotten the set with a few other games. It was a great buy, we gotten the set at US$199.00 which include 1 games, and we purchased 3 other games as well! In the end, we paid $275.00 for like 1 Xbox 360 kinect set and 4 games + a US$50.00 giftcard! Great deal, but we queue 3hours and Hub has to literally 'FIGHT' for the games. It was FUN, and we got what we wanted and MORE>
I wonder will we get anything during Cybermonday!?

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