Friday, November 18, 2011

LocknLock : my FIRST Pre-Thanksgiving BUY!

Yesh, this is my first purchase after I touchdown USA!
I was inform that I am not included into the November supporter programme, So I can take a break till December!! But I have to share this great new, is having a Pre-Blackfriday Sales offering 50% discount STOREWIDE!!

YEAH, I can get MY KNIVES like finally!!
But of course I cannot stop and have to get a few more other stuffs!!

And believe it or not, after discount, taxes and shipping I am paying about USD54+!

50% discount is like the best deal so far and usually happen ONCE A YEAR with SO don't hesistate if you see something that you want to get!!


  1. hello! Thanks for the tip on the lock&lock pre-blk friday discount. By the way, some of the items are already on discount as listed on the webpage. Is the 50% discount still applicable on those items?

    Thanks! Love yr blog!

  2. Hihi welcome ...
    Ya the discount should be storewide.
    I usually checkout using payment by PayPal to see the final invoice showing the discounted price, and go back to other payment or further shopping.
    Thanks for reading :-D



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