Sunday, November 20, 2011

LocknLock : Fermented kimchi Squid - Pt 1 Wash, Cut and SALT!

From Wikipedia
Ggolddugijeot (꼴뚜기젓) - jeot made with small squid

This fermented Squid is done totally  using recipes from I totally love her blog for Korean food recipe, and the next korean dish which I probably going to try would be Jajiangmian!

I love this side dish, and sometimes I think this is my MAIN dish! Slowly my Hubs grew to love it as well and we ALWAYS have to fight for our RIGHTFUL SHARE! I usually bought this fermented Squid from Hmart and it price has risen to USD9.99/lb !! SO EXPENSIVE, so I tell MYSELF I have to learn to DIY it MYSELF! So hopefully one month later, my fermented SQUID would look like the below!! Hahaha ...
Here is my pictorial for Part 1: Fermenting the Squid with Salt.
I bought a packet of Squid which is about 1.3lbs.
I washed them and rinsed them ...
And cut them to bite size.
And rinsed them again ...
And I whipped out my Lock&Lock BOROSEAL II, Borosilicate Glass Rectangular Container to prep and keep my fermented squid for ONE MONTH. When you are prepping for such Fermented dish, Lock&Lock Glass and SEAL is the way to go. You want to prevent Salt oxidisation and of course the 'Stench' of fermentation escaping. And these are the 'MERIT POINT' as mentioned from Lock&, which is essential to prep such fermented dish!!

(Extract from Lock&Lock website.)
* Excellent airtightness with the 4-side locking system* Cooking in oven, or use it as bakeware (without lid)
* Salt and oxidation resistant* Microwave safe! (without lid)
* From oven to table at once
* Freezer to microwave at once
* Stain and odor resistant

To continue, u\you need ALOT of salt.
As mentioned by, 1lbs is almost about 5tbsps of Salt.
So there I go layer by layer ...
Everything CLEAR and see through!!
This is my first trial, hopefully I am successful!!
End of Part 1 : Chuck the container into the fridge and see you in a month's time!

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