Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dalai Lama says ...

Saw a friend posted this picture on Facebook and find them VERY VERY true. 
I lived this path to realised that, ya we should live for the moment and not keep worrying about the future. The future will come as it comes. 

I remember years ago, when I am recovering from a major illness, the ONE BIGGEST worry I have was not able to find another job EVER again because of my health issue. And I hated the job here, they treated me like the biggest junk of SHIT. I am so scare that I will lose this SHITTY job, now I wonder WHY ...

I eventually couldn't stand the stress all the bitchy colleagues and superior gave me, and finally; I 'heck' care, threw the 'R' letter! And that was the BEST decision in my life I ever made! I travelled with Hub in Taiwan and become a housewife for 8 months, before I got ROM and found another Job which all my BOSSES treated me with RESPECT and LOVE!

Stop worrying about the future and LIVE your present.

I guess the biggest worry I have is " I have really NEVER lived ..."

So NOW I live for myself, and never for others or what the future is going to hold.

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