Saturday, October 8, 2011

10D Taiwan Planning Pt 2

I realised there isn't alot of stuffs to do in Sun Moon Lake, so most probably I can do a half day trip in SML and move on to other places ...

23-Oct-11 Taipei
24-Oct-11 Taipei > Hualien  
25-Oct-11 Hualian > Taroko Gorge > Hehuan >Cingjing
26-Oct-11 Cingjing
27-Oct-11 Cingjing > Puli > Sun Moon Lake > Puli
28-Oct-11 Puli > Taichung > Alishan
29-Oct-11 Alishan
30-Oct-11 Alisan >Taipei
31-Oct-11 Taipei
01-Nov-11 Singapore

After looking at 繁体字 the whole day my eye is abit COCK-eye!

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