Monday, September 12, 2011

Snowskin mooncake adventure Pt 4 Sesame Seed Snowskin!

Hubs brought all the Matcha Snowskin Mooncake for his colleagues and recieved lots of compliments. They say I can start selling these mooncakes, hahaha! And check with Hubs whether I have any 'Secret Recipe'! No there isn't secret recipe, haha just homemade! And they mention as compare to the mooncakes that are selling outside, my Snowskin mooncakes aren't as sweet so they can eat MORE!


I finally get to do 'Black and White' Sesame seeds!
I blitzed these Sesame seeds to bits, and they SMELL so nice!!!
(Yield 12x - 25gram snowskin) :
Ingredient for Snowskin : 20g Black sesame seed (toasted), 20gm White sesame seed (toasted), 80gm Roasted/Cooked Glutinous Rice Flour (sifted), 80g Icing sugar (sifted), 100g Shortening, 30-50ml Cold water.
My ratio 25gram Snowskin : 30gram Fillings
Remind to myself, the weight has to be VERY ACCURATE if not the dough cannot be squeeze into the mold!
Heeee, this is another design from the set of 4 plates that was given to me by my girlfriend! And Hubs selected this design! Hahaha he says this is the 'Leaf' design ...
What should I come up with next!
I need BLACK SESAME SEED recipe ...

Recipe from Kitchen :
Black Sesame snow skin Mooncake Skin:
20g black sesame seeds(pre-taosted)
20g white sesame seeds(pre-toasted)
80g gou fun(sifted)
80g icing sugar (sifted)
100g shortening
30-50ml cold water
500g Lotus paste(shape into 5 balls of 100g each)
Mooncake moulds(dusted with extra gou fun)
To prepare skin & wrap up
1. Grind sesame seeds finely in an electric blender
2. Combine sifted gou fun & icing sugar. Add in groud sesame powder.
3. Slowly mix in shortening & add in cold water gradually until dough binds together. You may not use all of the water or you may even require extra water depends on the gou fun.
4. Shaped sesame skin into balls of 80g.
5. Wrap skin over lotus paste filling & place onto a dusted mooncake mould.
6. Press & knock out. Serve Chilled.

20g 黑芝麻(烤香)
20g 白芝麻(烤香)
80g 糕粉(过筛)
80g 糖粉(过筛)
100g 白油
30-50ml 冰水

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