Sunday, September 11, 2011

Snowskin mooncake adventure Pt 3 Matcha Snowskin!

In my heart I want to try out the Sesame seed snowskin mooncake but Hubs say I keep asking him what he wants to eat and I AM NOT HEARING HIM!

So matcha here it IS!
2nd time round, everything is so much easier. I already know what to expect and everything is very neat and IN ORDER. I measure out the lotus paste, then baked the almond seed and continue to do the matcha skin, then continue to mix the seed + paste and roll out into 30gram of filling each. And continue to measure out the dough ....

The scale should show 55gram of mooncake!
And the rest is so much easier, within 45minutes I have done everything!
I added 1tsp of matcha powder and the snowskin taste rather subtle, more match powder if there is a next time!
Sesame seed snowksin mooncake NEXT!

Recipe adapted from
Snow Skin
100gram Roasted/Cooked Glutinous Rice Flour (糕粉)
70gram Superfine icing sugar
30gram Shortening
120gram Cold water ( I use lesser water)

350gram Homemade Lotus Paste (Blitz and fry Lotus Paste!)
50 gram Almond seed slightly toasted


  1. ahaha.. out of respect we should ask hub de... keke.. sometime I am also like that.

    You are real hardworking to try out so many different type of mooncake!

  2. Actually after the lotus paste is done the snowskin not difficult plus don't waste the lotus paste le! That one is damn PRECIOUS haha



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