Friday, September 9, 2011

Snowskin mooncake adventure Pt 2 Imperfections = Homemade!

I have to waste 3 dough and fillings to get it!
When I knead the skin dough, I was thinking the dough is wet enough and I barely use half of what is needed. I thought the snowskin shouldn't be this wet and I AM SO WRONG! It should be this wet because when I try the skin to cover the filling, Eh'eh it cannot be done! So first one THROW!

The second mistake; this mooncake mold is given to me, so I can only guess what is the weight of the  mooncake I should use and I tried 70gram. Eh'eh NUMBER TWO; which explain the big fat bulge of the mooncake!

For number THREE, I use 50gram (25gram of skin : 25gram of fillings), but I didn't press hard enough and the shape is abit soft ...

And in my mind this should be the easiest STEP, I AM SO WRONG ...
My first acceptable mooncake deserved extra 'footage', hahahha!
The rest become easier and I even summon enough courage to increase the ratio of the fillings to skin; 25gram of skin : 30gram of fillings.
I even have a FAKE custard filling to 'act' as salted egg! 
The filling also has almond seeds but cannot be seen in the photographs ...
My fake 'salted yolk'!
CONCLUSION : My hand is sooooooooooooooooo DRY and my mouth still has this sticky lotus paste taste and my jaw is still swollen!

But I think this is a 小成功!
Recipe adapted from
Snow Skin
100gram Roasted/Cooked Glutinous Rice Flour (糕粉)
70gram Superfine icing sugar
30gram Shortening
120gram Cold water  (I added 1tbsp condensed milk)

300gram Homemade Lotus Paste (Blitz and fry Lotus Paste!)
50 gram Almond seed slightly toasted
Custard paste fillings (Half of Christine's recipe)

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