Thursday, September 8, 2011

Snowskin mooncake adventure Pt 1 - Blitz and fry Lotus Paste!

Breath, DEEP BREATH-ing, remember to breath and still breathing; and LET's GO!

Ingredient : 425gm Dried Lotus Seed, 2 cup of water, 220gm brown sugar, 1 tbsp of maltose, 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp condensed milk & 5 tbsp of oil.

I soak the lotus seed overnight and the next day I bring the lotus seed to boil and simmer for 1 hour. I know why my lotus seeds are so expensive, because they are seedless and skinless, bleah ~
This is the way I check whether they are soft enough, I keep spooning one out and mash them!
Hahaha ~
After I am satisfied with how mashy they are I spoon them out and let them cool off ...
Retain the liquid that is used to boil the lotus seeds and use the boiling water when blitzing them. My processor is rather small and I have to blitz them a few times, spooning them out and re-blitzing them. ALOT Of work for a lousy processor! In the end, I used a total of 2 cups of water. I thought the lesser water I use, the less time I need to cook them to dry!
I don't know when it is ready, I just 'aga aga' (rough estimate) and set it aside and prepare my brown sugar.

Heat up the work, and add the oil, then the brown sugar before adding the Blitz lotus seed.
And using medium - small fire; stir from this to ....
... to this, pile of lotus seed that doesn't stick to the work anymore ...
You can see the difference when you start to cook them, and if not confident use real small fire! I don't know whether I got them right or not too!!! But one thing I am sure this is not as smooth as what you find in store, damn my processor or maybe because of the little oil that I added? I only added 5tbsp some recipe call for double or triple that oil amount! But I opted to adapt from this recipe; Cuisineworld, because of how little oil she uses.
While I am busying myself in the kitchen, TOto is sun tanning at the Patio!
In the end, I got this chunk of Lotus Paste, I wonder is this a success?
I guess the BIG chunk of 'hardwork' is done and next will be the actual mooncake!
I think from the start to end, I spend about 2hours or more!

Recipe adapted from :

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