Saturday, September 17, 2011

A recent bake - Walnut butter cake!

I baked it in a 8inch based removable baking tin, and the cake came out beautiful!
Love it, looks so professionally baked right out from Bengawan Solo! This time even Hubs love it and finish MOST of the cake by HIMSELF. Usually, Walnut Butter cake is for MYSELF! But this time round I am very careful to let the butter  and egg cool to room temperature, cream the butter and sugar right, baked the walnut and let it to COOL and carefully whip the egg white! Everything was right so the cake came out great!

But Hubs still complain it is a tad dry and not as soft and spongey! Now he compares EVERYTHING to chiffon! "Chiffon is CHIFFON is CHIFFON!"

I only have ONE TRUE LOVE, Chocolate Chip Walnut Butter Cake!

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