Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Snowskin mooncake adventure Pt 0

I did not have the intention to try my hand on snowskin mooncake this year but my girlfriend has kindly given me a set of her Mooncake mould and I don't wish to disappoint her goodwil :) so after researching around, I realised I need to find a special type of Flour which is the Roasted/Cooked Glutinous rice flour and wheat starch!

I have had a HARD TIME looking for this 2 type of flour and in the end I find it in a Vietnamese Supermarket; Carrollton Plaza Supermarket. They have a huge variety of different type of flour in their market!

All the important basic ingredient.

The 2 basic flour in most recipe ; Roasted Glutious Rice Flour and Wheat Starch Flour.

This Roasted Glutinous Rice flour really gave me a HARD TIME! There is so many different names, I even copied down its Vietnamese name; Bot Banh Deo. In the end I see; Bot Ban Ceo, Beo, Cao, Xeo but never see a DEO! But I find it in its EXACT english name, the irony!

This is the filling; Dried Lotus See, Almond Seed and Maltose (not in picture). I cannot find MELON seed or PUMPKIN seed, so hmmmm Almond seed can or not?
I have ALOT Of ideas but I think I better try not to be too ambitious and start with the MOST BASIC. Simple white lotus skin with Lotus paste!
Look at all the name of the Glutinous Rice Flour that I have copied from everywhere! Luckily I still manage to find most of the basic ingredient!
I named this post, Pt 0 because I doesn't know whether it will be successful OR NOT!
SO, if there isn't any Pt 1 or Pt 2, you know I had fail and just too depress to post up any more of mooncake post, hahahaha ...

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