Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Minced Beef Potato Croquette

Potatoes is VERY cheap here and when you get 1 or 2 potatoes, you rather get like ONE BIG packet but usually the potatoes will go bad because in the end I cannot finish using them and this time I WANT TO FINISH THEM!

So this is the first time I try out Potato Croquettes!
But it is very messy and alot of work and washing later ...

I was wondering how to have a EVEN size and shape croquette, and I utilize my Onigiri triangle shaper, hahaha ... And I have Onigiri Potato Croquettes!

Seasoning for minced beef : Cumin powder, coriander powder, curry powder, salt and pepper.
Ingredient : 4-5 potatoes, 1 minced shallots, and seasoned minced beef.

Drizzle generously with kewpie mayonnaise and Okonomiya sauce, OMG so GOOD!
I was supposed to chuck this in the buncto for hubs but I couldn't wake up, so they become dinner and Hubs get to go eat CAJUN food with his colleagues!

20 Thumbs up!


  1. i wanna try this! do you have a recipe? yums :)

    omg fat po is sitting on my arm grrr a bit hard to type

  2. I now cook like mom, no actual measurement of ingredient.

    I just use maybe half cup of minced meat, then like sprinkle pepper, I just sprinkle the cumin powder and curry powder but usually I use less of coriander powder (maybe can omit this) then a little sugar, salt and pepper. Set aside.

    Then boil about 4 potatoes ( I use 4 because that is whatever leftover from last use) I guess minimum also need about 2 bah.

    Boil till soft enough to mash using a fork to test, remove skin and mash, set aside.

    Then chopped/mince 1-2 shallots to little bits to fry till transparent and the smell come out then, add in the marinated beef and fry till cooked remove and cool.

    When the cooked minced beef cool, add into mash potatoes and shaped them into whatever shapes you are comfortable with.

    then layer them with a layer of flour, then dip in egg and lastly panko. I panfry them, if you have deepfryer you can deepfry them :)

    Erm like this can understand haha?

  3. Thanks! I took a double look when I saw Panko, then googled it :P

    Will try it out today or tomorrow and let u know ^^

  4. @ Yve
    Haha PANKO hor, not DIP them in PANPO! Kekeke ~

  5. Haha yea we call Panda Panko (胖狗) :P

    Ok la we failed, the potatoes we have here are huge so the mashing didn't work out. Also when in the wok it started falling apart prolly due to the chunks in the potato and maybe didn't pack it tightly (don't have any moulds)? Will give it a second try since it tasted so good nonetheless!! Thank you so much ^^

  6. @Yve,
    Hmm wonder what went wrong. I abit extra then use these onigiri mold, i think most pple online uses their hand to mold nia. Your potatoes not cook till soft enough, that why too dry? Cut your potatoes into smaller pieces to boil.

    let me know again when you try



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