Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Matcha Mushipan (抹茶蒸しパン )

Update : Hubs says it was a bit dry and not as spongey. But of course if you compare it to a 'Chiffon' cake! Nothing is softer than a Chiffon! But a Matcha Chiffon is also denser than the usual chiffon! SO UNFAIR! Hahaha or maybe there is too much batter in the HUGE cups? Remind to myself to use a smaller cupcake mold the next time round!
My hubs is CRAZY about Matcha and I wonder WHY!?
I don't really like that 涩涩的味道 ...
So this is JUST for him, Matcha Steam Cupcakes!
I should have used smaller cupcakes mould!
These paper cups are so big, I only have 3 Mushipans (Matcha steam cake)!
But these Mushipans (Matcha steam cake) do look good!
I should have added my leftovers lotus paste in the steam cakes!
Waiting for Hubs to come home and try it out ...
Adapted from Cookpad.com
100gm Rice flour ( I uses Cake flour. )
1tsp Baking powder
1tsp Matcha powder
50gm Sugar
80ml Milk
1tbsp Oil
1 Egg

1. Sift flour, baking powder, Matcha powder together.
2. Beat egg and sugar in a bowl and mix it with a whisk. Then, add milk, oil and mix it.
3. Mix (1) and (2), whisk well.
4 Pour into the cupcake moulds, steam for 15-20minutes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe :) Your mushipan looks nice and puffy :) I will want to try this out soon.



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