Thursday, September 15, 2011

Japanese Potato Salad - Nippon BANZAI!

Me am Japanese food fanatic, yeah yeah yeah!
Hahaha, this is a MUST ORDER dish when I go to Ichiban Sushi restaurant in Singapore and their standard of this dish varies. Sometime the potatoes salad taste so good you want 2nd or 3rd but sometime it is just 'BLAH'! And Japanese Potato Salad can be use as 'Bento filler' item!

I didn't exactly follow any recipe but the basic would be Boil Potatoes of any kind, Hard-boiled eggs, diced carrots and cucumber (or corn), Kewpie Mayo and Vinegar (Sushi rice vinegar); maybe some salt and pepper! Psssst, Kewpie Mayo is a MUST!
OMG, omg, omgggggggggggg they are GOOD!
Love them, muackx!
I didn't use any exact measurement, just keep on squeezing the kewpie Mayo until the Potatoes mixture can be stir about hahaha! Measurement via TONGUE tasting, kekeke ...

Today wifey me is bery lazy and we had fastfood for dinner! It has been such a long time since we had any burgers!!! I tell you huh, the burgers here in USA is soooo good it is addictive! So both of us really try to REFRAIN very hard eating out because Burgers is the easiest choice to make! But today I succumb to temptations ...
Double Cheese Burger!
Really Fat die me!

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