Friday, September 9, 2011

Gyoza is a STAPLE!

Today amidst all the CHAOS, I still manage to squeeze in time to prepare some gyozas for the weekend! But I couldn't resist when I saw a post about dumplings from a girlfriend's post. I 'chopchop' defroze my 1 lb of minced pork! Now Gyozas is a STAPLE in our home. I always keep 2 stacks of them at home frozen, about 36pieces! Hahaha I tell Hub, I feel so Taiwanese and he say yah like eating in 八方云集 (A gyozas/dumplings franchise in Taiwan)!

This week gyozas has 1lb mince meat, 5-7 piece of Nappa Cabbage (大白菜), 3 stalk of Spring onions, 7 shittake mushrooms. Marinate with Sesame oil, Soy sauce, Oyster sauce, Salt and Sugar.

1lb of minced pork yield 48 pieces or less ...

Most of the time we just have gyozas for a whole meal!
Although the preparation took ALOT Of time but when it is time to cook it, it is simple.
No defrozing is needed, just throw it in the pan right out of the fridge!

Today is indeed A LONG DAY with so much kitchen work and washing up.

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