Friday, September 16, 2011

Baked Chicken Satay!

I thought this recipe wouldn't work out but it did! And I didnt add 'ALL' the ingredient listed on most websites. I just added; Cumin seed powder, coriander powder, tumeric powder, Kecap manis, sugar and salt. There are alot more to be added like shallots, garlic, ginger,etc etc ; but I just want to do the most basics! It work out though, but the satay was a tad dryer oven-baked!

Ingredient (Estimate) : 1.5 Skinless thigh, 1tsp Cumin seed Powder, 1tsp Coriander Powder, 1tsp Tumeric Powder, 1tbsp of Kecap Manis, 1-2tbsp of Sugar, 2tbsp Tamarind mix with 1/4cup water and dash of Salt.

I cubed the chicken and marinated them overnated
The next morning, I poked them into the Bamboo sticks! Ewwww, my fingers are stained yellowish, use a glove if you are anal about this! Tumeric stain EVERYTHING.
I spray a layer of oil on the sticks and bottom of the pan.
The house smell really YUMMMY!
But it tasted a tad dry to me, BUT it might because it is 'BAKED'.
This is rather easy to prepare for lunchbox in the morning.


  1. I love the gorgeous yellow that turmeric brings to food but I do agree that it stains so much! The satay sounds delicious!

  2. Hi, Jen thanks for visiting!!



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