Monday, September 19, 2011

Buncto - #29 Fried Beehoon with Crabmeat ...

Going back to Singapore soon in a month's time so right now I am trying to clear out my fridge and I have very limited resouces for 'creative' dish! This is the most basic Singapore breakfast, Fried beehoon!

Today's menu : Chilli Fried Beehoon with Crabmeat, egg and cabbage.
Fried Beehoon to me is 'comfort' food. I feel so 'home' when I eat this dish! It is best match with 'Chicken wings'!
A new lunchbag for Hubs!
Hubs complain people will laugh at him for using such a 'colourful' bag! Hahaha, gosh this is a recycling bag from 'Wholefood Supermarket'! I love the colour, the size and most importantly the price selling @ USD0.80+!

Suxk it up, Hubs!


  1. wahaha.. no wonder your hub complain the bag! It seems more suitable for 'auntie' like us wor....keke... :P

  2. Usually these recycled bags very big but this is the best size i see and for 80cts nia leh! Haha those MANLY and chio ones VERY EX, dont think is worth! TOo bad suxk it up hahaha! I tell him he got fresh lunch everyday his colleagues 羡慕都来不及! The canteen food here very YUCKY!



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