Friday, September 16, 2011

Buncto - #28 Baked Chicken Satay with Japanese Potato Salad

I marinated the cubed chicken pieces and prepare the Potato Salad yesterday night. And this morning, I just have to poke the marinated cube chicken pieces into the Bamboo sticks and baked them at 425F/25minutes! Boil water next and prepare the brocolli; and cook some rice!

Today's menu : Baked Chicken Satay, Japanese Potato Salad and Boiled Brocolli.
The marinated chicken just doesn't smell like Chicken Satay!
The Japanese Potato Salad tasted so much better this morning chilled!
Yah I had to dislodge all the chicken for hubs!
The Satay chicken tasted so much dryer baked but nevertheless the 'Satay' taste is there alright!
Now my tiny home smell just like a Satay stall without the smoke!

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