Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Buncto - #26 Tokatsu Curry Rice

I prepare the curry with; Potatoes, Celery and Carrot the night before. I also marinate the pork and prep it with flour, egg and panko yesterday night. So this morning was a breeze, I just have to pan fry the Pork cutlet, heat up the curry and cook rice!

Today's menu : Tonkatsu with Japanese Veggies Curry.

Slicing, and cutting the night before allows me to sleep in another 10minutes every morning! I wonder how much Hubs will save if he eat Lunchbox daily?

I brought a new Container for Hubs; Steeltainer Leak-proof Stainless Steel Full Size Container.
Hubs is complaining that the Ceramic Container is very heavy but I am rather 'anal' about the uses of plastic. If there is a choice I would prefer Ceramic, glass or stainless steel but most of the stainless steel lunchbox online are not leak-proof or they looks very flimsy. 皇天不负苦心人, I finally find this Stainless steal container, with plastic exterior and leak-proof container which fit most of what me and Hubs' stringent criteria!

 I just hope the size given is what I imagine it to be ...

I got it off for USD16.95!
I hope this is 'light' enough for him!

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