Monday, September 12, 2011

Buncto - #24 Oyako don (亲子饭)!

Oyakodon is one of my favourite food, I remember there were one time in my life when I were working along Orchard road and I would order Oyakodon EVERYDAY I had lunch, ANYWHERE I can find them! But the 'QUALITY' of Oyakon deteriorate once it gets popular and everywhere is selling them. I stop having it, incase I would get dissapointed so often!

I had this in my mind for hubs like for the longest time and finally I got the chance to prepare it for him!

Today's menu : Oyakodon
Recipe adapted from Goons with Spoons.
Ingredient : 1pc of chopped chicken thigh, sliced carrots, sliced spring onion, yellow onions, 2 eggs and 1 bowl of rice.
Seasoning for the sauce : 3/4 cup of chicken stock + water, 1tbsp of sugar, 1.5 tbsp mirin and 2tbsp of soysauce.  
Check out the pictorial from Goon from Spoon, they give a really clear instruction!


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