Friday, September 9, 2011

Buncto - #23 Japanese Curry!

This is like the simplest curry and takes only 20minutes!
5 minutes preparation and 15minutes simmering the curry, and tadah ...

Today's menu : Japanese curry with cubed chicken breast and imitation crabmeat, cubed onion and carrot with Boiled brocolli as side dish.
Yummmmieee, no brainer dish but I suspect the curry is choked full of MSG!
Gotten this curry paste from Hmart!
I marinated the chicken pieces the night before. Pan fry chicken pieces till 2 sides are seared, and add in cube onions and stir fry onion till transparent. Then add in carrot, imitation crabmeant and 3/4 cups of water with ONE of the cube of curry and simmer for 15minutes.

Easypeasy and Hubs loves Japanese Curry!
And this is NON SPICY, kiddos will love them too and they can hide lots of veggies in them~


  1. hmmm... sounds good!!! I should try this with my kids since it is non spicy.

  2. This is already the '中' but I don't taste the spicyness. I guess you can try the original :)



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