Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Labour Day Weekend

Hub's did plan for a road trip to Houston but was scraped that idea and we decide to stay back to enjoy the cool cold front that is approaching. And so in Summary, this is what happen ...

Every weekend morning we will definitely have DIM SUM!
Yes, you heard me right; once every weekend.
And  I have leftover french loaf and it is converted to become 'ROTI JOHN'!
So proud of myself, it actually taste VERY similar, I am a BIG FAN Of ROti John!
Seasoning for the minced beef : Cumin powder, Coriander powder, Curry powder & salt.
And of course shopping, and more shopping ...
Some silicon cups for Hub's buncto and this 12 piece set is only USD3.99!
And more 'Bakery' stuffs!
And this is my NEW DAILY Sling bag ...
A Genuine Leather Etienne Aigner bag!
A very old school COLOUR and DESIGN bag.
Love the Gold + Brown Combination.
It is so much bigger than my usual White Coach Sling, haha my bag is so empty!
We finally 'process' the Watermelon that we bought 1 week ago!
It was huge, in the end we almost have 6litre of Watermelon juice.
And we manage to find the sweet and less salty preserved radish for Chai Tow kway, yeah more Chai Tow Kway in the days to come!!
It was a long weekend, but seems like not enough time for everything I want to do. But I manage to find my 'Mooncake' Flour. I am ecstatic ...

Snowskin mooncake to come soon, I hope ...


  1. Hee thanks for the compliment but the bag feels abit auntish leh hahaha. Hv to admit old liao ~ If I bring home, mommy says NICE; then cham hahaha!



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