Monday, August 1, 2011

Steam garlic black bean sauce Spareribs

In between my Chocolate chiffon time, I prepare this dish for dinner. To eat Pork like this, you die die have to spend some time to marinate it. I hate the porky smell.
I love this dimsum dish, and finally got down to trying it out.
I try out the recipe from a Asia recipe book I have.

It is not difficult.

Marinate : Minced Garlic, Sesame Oil, Oyster sauce, salt, sugar and baking soda
Sauce : LKK Black Bean Sauce, sugar, more mince garlic, water/broth and cornstarch.

Marinate the spareribs for at least 2hrs. I panfry the spareribs on the sides and scoop up. Then add more oil, follow by garlic, then black bean sauce and the rest and drench ontop of the spareribs and prepare to steam it for 20minutes.

The sauce is YUMMMY!
Will be sooooooooooo GOOD with porridge ...
There is SO MUCH garlic, so you would have to LOVE Garlic!

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