Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lunch in a box = Buncto ONE!

Yesterday Hubs finally agree to let me prepare lunch! The weather is so HOT (100+F), he doesn't want to go out of the office to eat. And the canteen food got so boring and blah, he grumbles about it everyday! I finally can get to do PRETTY and cute bento lunch but wait, it will be so silly to prepare pretty bento for Hubs, hahaha! He won't be appreciating if I made his Onigiri into a 'Angry bird' or 'Winnie the Pooh'! So it won't be exactly a Bento, it shall be named 'Buncto'! Like what the title suggest, it is lunch in a box! 

Anyway, I am not prepared for his request so I make do with whatever I have in my fridge. And I prepare a simple fried rice, with Panfry Crabmeat and prawns. I peel a orange and placed a cake for his dessert. I prepare the ingredient the night before with whatever I could, and everything is done in 20minutes (excluding washing).
Not anything exotic or fantastic but hopefully it is filling and more well-rounded than what his canteen is offering!

The Buncto containers I used was from the one of the container from the locknlock lunchbox gift set that I last recieved; Lock&Lock: Square Lunch Box 3-Piece Set with Insulation Bag. Texas was soooooooooooooo hot for picnics or outings. We try to stay in as much as possible from the HEAT thus the lack of use of this wonderful lunchbox! But lucky me, found a good use for it, heeee. is having a "Back to school summer sales" for their lunchboxes, 25% Discount off all their lunchboxes. I am so tempted to get another smaller lunchbox for personal use.

I love this design ...
Today: $13.89 Compare at: $18.52 You Save: $4.63 (25%)
This might be a much better size for a one person use.


  1. That's a good start! keke.. soon he will be asking you to prepare for him every day, cos it really look very very yummy!!!! and I bet it must taste so too! :P...

  2. Haha 过奖了, is just simple fried rice! Not as much work as yours have to DESIGN it hahaha!!

    I think by the time he addicted to pack lunch, I dont want to wake up so early to do it liao!!!



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