Sunday, August 14, 2011

Homemade Popiah Pt 2- Rest of the ingredient and wrap it UP!

The next day morning are minimum preparation but it took so long too like 2-3hours!

First I pan fry the peanuts and process it with my Cuisinart blender. Then I boil water to cook the egg, and start the oily stuffs of deep frying the 豆干, then simple stir fry the lapcheong. Then I move on to the veggies; sliced the cucumber and pluck the beansprouts head and tail and parboil them. Next I diced the egg and then steam the popiah skin. The precut lettuce is purchase from Target. !

The popiah skin we bought are those 'fresh' from California so it is DAMN EXPENSIVE like USD5+ per pack! But it is worth ALL THE $$$$, the skin is really thin and soft ...

Finally a gathering for a group photographs before Hubs can dig his hand it it!
Sliced lapcheong, diced boiled eggs, processed peanuts and diced fried beancurd.
Lettuce, sliced cucumber and beansprout.
The Jicama/Yambean fillings that I cooked the night before.
Last minute I remember I forget the diced/minced fresh garlic!
OMG< I actually manage to PULL THIS OFF!
I really surprised myself, how did I manage to pull this off BY MYSELF??
I sometimes surprised myself ...
Hub's contribution; pluck beansprout and wrap Popiah!
His step by step pictorial, hahahaha ...
I took so long for the 'photoshoot', he keep complaining,"FASTER can?"!
Hahahaha ...
Not fanstastico, but then really AUTHENTIC SINGAPORE STYLE homemade Popiah!
At the very least it is the type that I like and Hubs love it too!


  1. Altough I don't like to eat popian, but yours look so mouth-watering! Feel like taking a bite too... :D

  2. @choon yen, thou I love Popiah but that day I eat till I want to PUKE hahahaha! But homemade sure much better than outside, less bangkwang more other ingredients keke ~



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