Saturday, August 13, 2011

Homemade Popiah Pt 1- Jicama/Yam bean filling

Popiah is one of my die die have to-do recipe and I have done so much research on the recipe online and come to the conclusion that there isn't any one fix recipe and you can do what you like! But the problem is, I hasn't seen or watch ANYONE done it so AGAIN I do not know what to expect! I don't even know how a Yam bean/Jicama looks like or how to prep a Jicama!! I keep thinking Jicama skin would caused my hand to be very itchy haahaha. I am so wrong, nothing of that sort happen...

Anyway the most basic type of popiah recipe would be; minced Garlic, yam bean/jicama and carrot, the rest is extra! I have read people using pork, prawns, cabbage, turnip, dried cuttlefish, brown soy bean sauce, shallots, onions etc. I guess for home, you can add anything you want!

For my fillings: 1/2 shredded jicama, a bunch of french beans, half a carrot, pork belly and chicken broth/water.
Seasoning : Fish sauce, salt and sugar.
Chop/shred all ingredients to death.
And for people like me who hasn't see a Jicama/Yam bean this is how one look like!
I didn't know Jicama/Yam bean is so thick skin and cannot be sliced by the usual carrot slicer, I would need to use my 大刀/cleaver to slice the skin of the Jicama away!
That picture below is ALOT OF WORK via me ONE PERSON!
Everything nicely shredded, sliced and chopped!
My hand is sooooooooooooo painful!
Fry; minced garlic, pork belly, all the vegies, and then seasoning.
Add chicken broth/water to about 3/4 of the ingredients in the wok, bring to boil and remove to a slow cooker.
I slow cook high for 1 hour and low for another 1 hour and leave WARM till the next morning. 
*Phew*, part 1 done!
It should be so much easier tomorrow morning, cross finger.

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