Friday, August 5, 2011

First time blitzing Nasi Lemak Chilli!

I decide to try my hand on this 'Nasi Lemak Chilli Sauce' that I gotten over the internet. I didn't exactly have most of the recipe and they are CLOSE enough!

I accidentally SLICE the skin on my thumb *sob* *sob*!
My mom usually use Chilli Boh but I couldn't find it here in Dallas, so this is the first time I am deseeding dry chilli! And guess what, my hand BURNT for the rest of the day!! Well, LESSON learnt, CHILLI burnt your HAND so please use a disposable glove when deseeding CHLLI!
Atlas, I don't really like the 'Galangal' taste, I should have omitted this. Only after the whole event, I remember mommy once mention she omitted gallangal out of ALL her 'chilli paste;' because she does't like the 'galangal' taste. I guess I 'inherit' this trait from her too! And the Chilli paste was OVERLY spicy until we really cannot take the taste!! I keep tasting the Chilli paste till I complain to Hubs, my stomach going to have ULCER! And in the end, the tamarind taste is quite overwhelming too ...

Well I didn't blame the recipe because I know different people are used to different taste! And this is the basic, I have to learn how to adjust the spiciness and sweetness myself.
And this Wolfgang Puck Black Heavy-duty Multi-chopper with Ice-crush Accessory is a great help which I got it off Ebay for $19.90, CHEAP!

I shall try another chilli recipe soon!

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