Saturday, August 6, 2011

e ORIGINAL chiffon; Pandan Chiffon!

In my heart, Pandan Chiffon cake is like granddmother of ALL CHIFFON Cake, and one of my childhood cake! But I erm, don't really like Pandan Chiffon so this is again for my husband who is infatuted with CHIFFON!

I gotten the recipe through here. I guess there is something wrong with her amount of Baking Soda and Cream of Tartar, it should be tsp instead of tbsp. I am not sure she might be right but I use tsp instead and half her recipe. The nice lady replied my queries and she mention that it is indeed in TBSP. Opps :X, but still the recipe I do turn out ok!

Adapted from 'Life is Great' of Pick Yin
For the ½ cup pandan leaf juice:
6 pcs pandan leaves
2 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon coconut milk

For the flour batter:
90 grams self-rising flour
50 grams castor sugar
4 yolks
3 tbsp of oil
1/8 tsp Baking soda (Original recipe 1/8 TBSP)

For the meringue:
4 Whites
50 gram castor sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar (Original recipe is 1/4 TBSP)

170C/350F for 1st ten minutes.
160C/320F for 2nd 45-50minutes.
Ready get set, GO!
Yolk Batter, this is the easiest part!
I think you can just replace the Pandan liquid with Orange juice or Pineapple juice to get other flavour chiffon cake! At this stage the batter is rather gooey and thick!
Egg white meringue is 'Trial and error' for me, up till this day I still not sure when is the ACTUAL right time to STOP. It is all about 'FEEL' bleah ...
The cake rises very well in the oven, so high it is scary!!
Hahaha, so exciting ...
Looks good out of the oven too!
I guess I should finish the 2nd part of 160F for 45minutes, I just do it for 40minutes.
The whole house SMELL of PANDAN leave!
Smell soooooooooo GOOD ...
Now I realised why I hated Chiffon cake bought in stores, the bought Chiffon has a very heavy FLOURY taste but the home baked are so much better than the store bought! After unmolding, I ate almost 1/4 of the cake!! NICE and light and just the right moisture ...
I sliced the cake to keep it in a airtight box so that it can retain the moisture and last a few more days, if not the cake will get very dry too!
yummmy, so exciting ...
Hubbie is out, and I am free so continue with OTAK!


  1. Nice looking cake there. Homemade is always better because shop bought ones hardly really use actual pandan leaves.

    Actually the tartar is optional, it's to keep the meringue stable. The baking soda can be reduced too if the meringue is strong enough to hold up the cake. I'm planning to make another chocolate chiffon recipe.

  2. Hi thanks for visiting.
    I was comparing the amount you state and the amount commonly use in recipe to come to that conclusion.

    Maybe I shld add abit of baking soda to all chiffon cake so that I don't have to worry as much kekeke.

    I have done chocolate chiffon with cocoa powder before, I am doing another with real chocolate, soon. But hv to get chocolate first~



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