Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buncto - Lunch in a BOX 7七!

I wonder how spaghetti would survive in a lunchbox but I try to add more 'oil' so that the spaghetti wouldn't get dry? Anyway I have to spice up the lunchbox if not it get kinda of dull right? Keke.

Today's Menu : Imitation crabmeat spaghetti, Homemade Chicken Ham with Cucumber slices and grapes.
For some reason, Hubs love the homemade Chicken Ham!
It is a tad bland for me, but Hubs loves the texture and the 'saltishiness'?
Hope he likes the Buncto I prepare for him today!


  1. after u are done w pasta, u need to add a little olive oil and stir them in the noodles. this way, the pasta won't dry and stick together.

  2. @Ella,
    Trust me it is a VERT OLIVE OIL OILY PASTA hahaha!!! I told hubs, inspiration from SQ's meal!! All their noodles food, very OILY!



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