Friday, August 19, 2011

Buncto - Fri #13 Just Fried Rice!

I am trying to finish all the leftover veggies that are in the fridge so there you go; fried rice. I can fry a really really MEAN tasty fried rice, muahahaha ...

Today's menu : Fried rice with chicken, french bean, carrot and egg, boil brocolli and sliced cucumber.
The Brocolli and Cucumber made the fried rice look so healthy!
I sliced and chopped this morning and it took up alot of time. I should have done it yesterday night; especially the garlic!
And we bought this furikake to 'spice' up the taste of Hub's food. And we are careful to choose the 'MADE IN JAPAN' which cost DOUBLE but is MSG free! I shrug to think those MIC would be choke full of MSG ...
I can eat Fried rice EVERYDAY!
If only Hubs think this way too!

But this is a successful week of packed lunch with a nice variety.
Throughout this week there is Chow mein, Spaghettini, Flat rice noodles, and Rice.
I have to plan for next week soon!


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