Monday, August 8, 2011

Buncto - FOUR

Nasi Lemak AGAIN, for Hubs' Buncto!
This is the downside of preparing food like Nasi Lemak; we have to really eat a few meals of the same food. AND by the third day we be swearing off Nasi Lemak for the at least next 6 months!!

Anyway this morning, I deep fry a 3 pieces of chicken for hubs, and realised the container can only have ONE of them, Opps too bad! Today's preparation is quicker because I just need to pan fry the egg and deep fry the chicken, the rest are prepare the night before!

Looks yummy to me!
... ♥X♥X♥ ...

Side note to AZ, this is one of the container from lunchbox.
There is another 2 container but without divider but one of them has this plastic-part that can hold the icepack on top of the container if you decide to do cold dish!

There is this promotion at KGB deals, get US$30.00 value of voucher for US$15.00!EXPIRED!

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