Monday, August 15, 2011

Buncto - #9 Chow Mein!

I saw this 'steamed chow mein' that are sold in Ranch99 that looks like the 香港面, that I always eat back home or on SQ's flight. So exciting! New kinda of 面, I can learn to cook! So this morning, I just panfry some pieces of sliced chicken thighs, sliced carrots/cucumber, beansprout and carrot with minced garlic.

Today's menu : Stir fry Chow Mein, Homemade Chicken Ham, Sliced Cucumbers and Grapes.
This morning, I was so sleepy and didn't get a good picture of the noodles hahaha.
I wonder how the noodle fare in a lunchbox, would it dry up?

This is the packet of Chow mein I find, and they needed to be boil first before stir frying the noodles.

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