Friday, August 12, 2011

Buncto - 8發8!

I am runnng out of idea soon, I have to research around!!
A girlfriend mention that I am not cooking up a storm in the kitchen recently, but I have to finish whatever is in the fridge before researching new food to prepare. People don't understand that I cannot just get 2 piece of thigh meat, I have to get 8pieces. So when I showcase 2 pieces, I have another 6 pieces to finish! Bear with me I am slowly clearing my fridge before something happening again!

Today's menu : Ham & Mushroom fried rice, Homemade Chicken meat with Cucumber and Carrot, and lastly Grapes!
You can ask WHY grapes everyday, same reason we have to buy ONE BIG packet and when there is only the 2 of us, it take sooooooooooooooooooo long to finish the grapes!!

Hub's colleagues are very kind to comment that I made him very pretty looking and delicious buncto set which made theirs look bland! Hahaha the way they see it, it is like what they see only in TVland and it is happening right infront of them. Well, what can I say, when you don't have to do it yourself everything seems so much EASIER right!!

But their comments made my buncto journey so much pleasant and motivating!

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