Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Buncto - #15 Simple Sushi Party!

Hubs has been harping for sushi for sometime now and the last I did sushi, was like 16 years ago! OMG, so long ago? Anyway nothing fanciful, just simple whatever I have at home roll.

Today's menu : 3 different type of sushi roll; Ham, Imitation Crabmeat and Mayo Tuna and Maple syrup chiffon cake.

OMG, it was so much work for the rice! I woke up at 7.30am so that I can soak the rice or 30minutes. And I got to cook 1.5cup of rice which is alot of rice for my small ricecooker! I was so worried the rice cooker couldn't handle the rice. Then I panfry the Tamago (egg), the crabmeat and ham; and finally sliced the cucumber and avocado!

The crabmeat roll consist of crabmeat, tamago, cucumber, avocado and kewpie mayo.

The Ham roll; Ham, tamago, cucumber and cheese.

At the very last minute I decide to finish the sushi rice, I prepare Tuna mayo and did 2 nigiri and even prepare a Tuna Mayo Roll too. These are the leftovers roll!
I prepare the cake the night before; Maple Syrup Chiffon.

Ingredient : 3 Yolk, 35gm corn oil, 1/4tsp salt, 65gm maple syrup, 30gm milk, 90gm cake flour and 1/8 tsp baking powder. 3 Whites, 35gm sugar and 1/4 tar tar.



  1. Been wanting to try making sushi. Its seems hard, thus keep delaying and delaying until now still no action. :P

  2. @Choonyen,
    Erm not hard la, but like too much work for a morning preparation for lunchbox. Got to wash, then soak the rice, then cook liao still need to air the rice and like cut/stir to cool the rice and add vinegar+sugar solution. Too much work to prepare morning bento. :x



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