Monday, August 22, 2011

Buncto - #14 Monday Chicken Corden BLUE (Oven Baked)

Very early in our dating days, I have know that Hubs loves Chicken Cordon Bleu, BUT not alot of eating place sell this dish; only the more 'atas' places prepares them. And if the menu on any restaurant has this dish, there is no need for him to look at others! Oddly enough, there isn't any Chicken Cordon Bleu in the restaurant here that I have been to here.

Anyway being inspired by a FB's girlfriend, I wanted to try it out and Hubs is ecstatic because just last week, the kitchen is serving 'Chicken Cordon Bleu' but looks just like 'Chicken fried steak'! The ham and cheese is not wrapped but layered on top of the chicken!! Hahaha ~

I wrapped the Ham and Cheese and also dip the chicken in flour and egg the night before. So the next day morning, I just layered more breadcrumbs and drop it in the Oven with Asparagus. My 'wrapping' skill is not good enough and cheese is oooozing out everywhere!

I need more practise!
And because he has to use a fork and knife so I use the glassware container!
The slicing would damage the plastic container!
Hub's verdict, not too bad thou the crumbs are not as crunchy but the chicken is more compact and taste wise almost the same as last night when I prepare but the Ham is rather tasteless!
OF COURSE, we use the economical Ham and Cheese! Hahaha ...

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