Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buncto - #12 Stir fry chicken with frenchbean

Today I change hub's food container into another abit larger rectangular container with divider but the idea is met with ALOT OF DISAPPROVAL! The larger container is easier for me to arrange food but Hub is complaining the container is too big, the container colour not nice etc etc. Sometime I feel I am married to a 10yrs old kid instead of a 30year old man, I mean the colour; REALLY? Other man would be so appreciative that the wife even bother to wake up to prepare his lunchbox fresh DAILY! Anyway ...

Today's menu : Stir fry Chicken with french bean, white rice with braised minced meat, Tyson honey chicken and Plain chiffon cake
The main today is this stir fry mix veggies with chicken that is done fresh in the morning. Easy 10minutes, slicing and  stir fry.

Ingredient : Minced Garlic, sliced chicken, carrot, french beans, and shittake mushroom.
Seasoning : Oil, fish sauce, oyster sauce, salt and sugar. 
This is last night braised mince pork and mushroom for 'Bak Chor Mee'.
And dessert of the day; Plain Chiffon cake. It tasted like 鸡蛋糕 but lighter, I quite like it!


  1. I actually use separate glass containers to store the food for lunch. And fruits goes onto it's own container too.

    Reason being: Other that it's easier to store the food. We can microwave the food separately when heating for lunch at work. And can throw the small boxes into an insulated lunchbag or into any backpack easily.


  2. @Ella,
    I prefer glass too, healthier choice than plastic. But I tell u huh my husband really like 10yrs old kid de lo. He will complain HEAVY la, troublesome la, etc etc etc ALOT OF complain then keep niam niam niam de lor! It took him so many years then he agree to bring lunchbox becuase it is toooooooooooo hot to go out to eat and MOST Of his colleagues is bringing lunch in. Haiyo I wonder he is in HIGH SCHOOL or working. Like really mind how pple see him!

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