Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Buncto - #11 Fried flat white noodle (Kway teow)

Today's kway teow is a kaleidoscope of ingredient that I throw in. The noodle sort of disintegrated when I added in the oil and ingredients, and it become a mess mashy but since I have already started I just made do and try to make it as pretty as I can with alot of different ingredient hopefully it work out in the end.

Today's menu : Stir-fry flat white noodle, Homemade chicken Ham, and boil brocolli. 
Minced garlic, Fried diced tofu, sliced lupcheong, chives, eggs, Noodle and shallots.
Seasoning :
Chicken broth, soy sauce, salt and suger.

Cross finger, it is edible.

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