Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3rd Chiffon - Cream Cheese Chiffon

I gotten this recipe from's forum. I figure this recipe should be quite light but right after I take the cake out from the oven the cake shrank quite abit as compared to the 2 previous recipe. I don't know whether it is ME or it is just meant to be. I might try it again soon ...
But after the unmolding, the cake looks quite alright.
But internally, the cake was a tad too dense. Maybe I should follow the original recipe's timing and temperature. The original recipe calls for 150F for 40minutes but I did the usual 170C for 30minutes.
Well the cake is still edible but it is not as light as I imagine them to be.
Maybe I should add some lemon juice to give it a more sourish cream cheese sweet.
The Silby Ceramic 6" Dome Style Dish Container from is just the right size to keep my 17cm chiffon cake. I won't be worying whether the cake will dry up in such a dry and warm condition here in Texas!
Click on for recipe.'s forum
Here you go the recipe of the Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake:

Ingredients A:
Milk - 60g
Cream Cheese - 40g (at room temperature)
Melted Butter - 25g
Flour - 60g (Not indicated what type of flour but I used Self Raising.)
Egg yolks - 4

Ingredients B:
Egg whites - 4
Sugar - 100g
pinch of Cream of Tartar (1/8 tsp) - optional

1. Mix milk, cream cheese and melted butter in a double boiler. Remove from the double boiler once all the wet ingredients are well blended.
2. Add half of the flour in the mixture and add one egg yolk until welll combined.
3. Add the remaining of the flour and add egg yolk one by one until well combined again (the mixture is quite thick). Leave aside.
4. Beat half of the sugar and cream of tartar (optional) with the egg whites. Once the egg whites are foamy, add the remaining of the sugar. Beat until stiff (high peak - refer to the attached picture).
5. Fold some of the egg white into the cheese mixture. Once the cheese mixture and the egg whites are combined, pour the cheese mixtures into egg whites. Fold the cheese mixture until they are combined.
6. Pour it into a chiffon pan and bake at 150C at the lowest level of your oven for more than 40 minutes (you can bake it a little bit longer but never adjust to a higher temperature as the cake will crack easily. chiffon cake must bake in a warm oven).

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