Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2nd Chiffon - Matcha Chiffon!

Hubs is very excited about this matcha chiffon and has very high hope. He loves alot of different type of Matcha dessert including Matcha ice-cream. And I wonder when did Hubs every tried Matcha chiffon? I have never seen him eat that at all!! He says he tried it in buffets, erm ok; no wonder ...
Ingredient : Dry - 40gm self raising flour + 1tbsp Matcha Powder, Wet - 20ml Oil + 20ml milk + 2egg yolks & 50gm sugar. 2egg whites, 1/4 tsp tartar & 20gm sugar.

17cm Chiffon tin, 350C for 30minutes

Measure out the Ingredient ...
Prepare the Dry ingredient, and Wet batter and mix the 2 together ...
Set aside.
This is rather gooeey and thick.
Beat the egg white to almost stiff peak and fold it into yolk batter.
Pour batter into mold, give it a bang on the floor and bake.
350F for 30minutes
Looks good but it didn't rise as high as yesterday Chocolate chiffon, I suspect the matcha powder is too heavy!
Hmmm, should I just bake longer?
Other than that, everything is ok looking ...

In the end, Hubs ate almost 2/3 of the cake once he reached home!!!
I have to stop him because I have prepare dinner ...
What flavour should I prepare next?
Hubs has also request for me to prepare lunch for him, BENTO yeah!!!

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