Monday, August 1, 2011

1st Chiffon - Chocolate Chiffon

After reading books after books, blogs after blogs; I FINALLY did it.
My first Chocolate Chiffon, this recipe actually belongs to a Coffee Chiffon recipe but I replace the 1tbsp of Coffee Powder with Cocoa Powder instead. I am actually not a Chiffon person, I prefer BUTTERY cakes but Hubs prefer Chiffon, he say chiffon is lighter and not as filling ...
Ingredient : 1tbsp Cocoa Powder, 20ml Oil, 20ml milk, 2egg yolks, 50gm sugar & 40gm self raising flour. 2egg whites, 1/4 tsp tartar & 20gm sugar.

17cm Chiffon tin, 350C for 30minutes

It is very exciting to see the cake rising SO HIGH!
And I am using a 17cm chiffon tin for a recipe that calls for a 16cm tin.
Looking good even when I took it out of the oven, but Chiffon can shrink during the cooling off period.
So I have to adopt the "Cool the chiffon tin upside down method".
And this is my setup!
OK still did not shrink ...
I used a plastic fork to swipe the side to unmold the cake.
OMG, it looks 'PERFECT' to me!
And I present to you, "MY FIRST CHIFFON CAKE!"
Matcha Chiffon to come next?

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