Monday, July 25, 2011

We ♥ Garlic and dinner for the night!

I am lucky Hubs love garlic in everything! I used it for EVERYTHING; from fried rice, noodles, marinating, soups, baking, stir fry etc etc. My brother just couldn't stand anything GARLIC, and my mom has such a hard time preparing food for us. Well lucky me, Hubs is not as picky as my Brother!

When I see 'Pretty', Big and Fresh garlics I would just buy them in bulk, peel them, mince them and then frozen them for later use! It is ALOT of work, peeling them, and the 'they' burnt the finger so remember to wear disposable gloves!
So far my Cuisinart blender is exclusively just used for blending garlic!!! 
Press 'LO' for 20x.
This batch of minced garlic could last me at least 1-2months?
I guess I will be preparing some Garlic Fried Rice soon!

And for dinner,
I prepared, 'Tomato Based Curry Beef" and "Dried Shrimp Chilli Yam Leaves" 
I ♥ Dried Shrimp Chilli with Vegies!
And for Supper, Hubs request for 2 Plaster Prata!
Geez, it is sooooooooooooo OILY and unhealthy to have Fried Prata in the middle of the night!
But I happily obliged! Hahahaha, I am so EVIL!


  1. Looks so yummy! I had prata at a Malaysian restaurant yesterday and it was so good *salivates* Which recipe do you use?

    I love garlic too, also put some in Panpo's food :D

  2. @Yve
    I Used frozen Prata le!! Haha not everything from scratch! But the egg is ownself add keke~ Try alot of times before I get the plaster halfcook yolk right!!

  3. Here don't have frozen prata boo. I am trying to cook the onsen egg, with hard white and runny yolk! Love how the Japanese ramen always come with that :)

  4. @Yve
    I have the recipe on that,very easy, Ni-tamago >>

  5. OMG you shen la :D Haha before you replied I already told B to go buy malt vinegar cuz I saw chubby hubby's post but it's so much easier with your pictorial guide! I snuck one before marinating and it is SOOOO GOOD! I think the Japanese restaurants ones a bit harder but I love runny yolks :D thank you so much <3

  6. Frozen prata is so convenient!

    As my elder love eating prata, whenever he request for one, I just need to pan fried it and a hot and crispy prata will be ready in less than 5 mins. :D

  7. @yves - You are most welcome :)!

    @JJ mom - Ya I think now frozen prata are even better than some of the kopitaim which is leftout dunno for how long lor!!



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